Endowment Program

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The Brandermill Church has an Endowment Program that graciously receives gifts and bequests from our disciples and friends. These funds are invested to produce returns which can be used over time to benefit the Christian objectives of the church. The Endowment Fund has grown over the past few years and has a limited amount of money available to provide grants to advance the works of the church.

The Endowment Charter, under which the Endowment Program operates, states:
“The purpose of the Endowment Program is to promote and develop the religious, charitable and educational programs of the Church that are NOT a part of the Church’s established programs which are funded through the annual operating budget of the Church and the regular giving of its disciples and friends.”

If you have questions you may contact any member of the Endowment Committee:

Trudy Laidig, Chair – [email protected]

Dave Thompson – [email protected]

Fred Carter – [email protected]

Janet Klotz – [email protected]

Scott Claus – [email protected]