Mondays at Prayer (MAP)

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Our Monday morning prayer team meets at 9:30 AM at the rear of the sanctuary. Chairs are arranged in a circle for a feeling of community in that sacred space. The group shares any blessings and concerns they have as well as the ones brought to the attention of the church. When possible, cards may be sent to those requesting prayer, and confidentiality is always respected.

After the sharing time, a thought, poem, or devotion is presented after which the group practices “centering prayer” for 15 minutes. We like to call this special time “Sitting with God”. Once the chimes ring to signal the silence is over, we say the Lord’s Prayer followed by the leader doing an intercessory prayer lifting up prayer requests.

This special group feels blessed to be able to join together to pray for the church and the community and welcomes any and all who feel called to join this ministry. Prayer is at the core of our Christian faith, and how better to start the week than Mondays at Prayer.