Our History

​The Brandermill Church Preschool is a half-day program operated at the Brandermill Church since 1981. It is a nonprofit organization and meets all the qualifications for religious exemption in the state of Virginia. We use several classrooms, the Multi-Purpose Room and Fellowship Hall for most of our activities. Our outside activities take place on the preschool playground or on the “Pirate Ship” playground on the Sunday Park peninsula. The Brandermill Church carries public liability insurance which includes our preschool program. We do not prepare or serve meals as part of our program. We serve a maximum of 160 children in our program. Brandermill Church Preschool is proud of its history and providing an excellent preschool education in a loving Christian environment.  Brandermill Church Preschool is a ministry of Brandermill Church.


Christian Teaching

​The preschool is open to people of all religious faiths.  The Preschool curriculum is designed so children learn and develop communication skills, beginning academic readiness, motor skills, and values consistent with the Christian faith. Christian faith is proclaimed through actions of love, grace, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, and stewardship.  The children say “grace” before snack. Chapel is held monthly and led by Pastor Jim Dunkin and Barbara Flynt to provide age appropriate lessons.

The children and families are invited to participate in worship.  The pastors are available to counsel and support staff and families as needed.


Educational Philosophy

​The purpose of the weekday education program is to provide quality care and instruction for preschool age children that will promote their mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.

Each child is an individual, unique in his or her stage of development, learning style, and interpersonal relationships.  Therefore, it is the goal of the teachers in our preschool to meet the diverse individual needs and interests of your children to develop their self image and feelings of self worth in a positive manner, encourage their spiritual development, and enable them to reach out for new experiences and ideas.

Since children learn best by being active participants in the learning process, an activity-oriented discovery approach is used in our program. The natural interaction involved in an activity approach allows for an attitude of cooperation and helpfulness, and encourages the acceptance and development of appropriate responsibilities.